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Trying to find something that I long for, yet falling down the crack in my mind~

Bits 'bout meself~

.|Social Agoraphobia|.
.|Complicated Religion|.


I don't want to be tagged .... by MOSREDNA
Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan-Obssesed With Yaoi- by QuiirinYaoi Fangirl Stamp by ultimatekaiAshamed Stamp by Stamp221Stamp by Kataang-furubaMy Memory Sucks by renatalmarBackground Music by Skylark-93people allergy stamp by tirsdenSigh by IshdakittyI like you, i'll.. by esoog-adnamaIf looks could kill stamp by quazomorning people stamp by barefootphotosWeird if I didn't Hear Voices by Foxxie-ChanAnger issues. by obakestampsPoetry. by EmoNymphRevenge? by converse-kidd-stampsSTAMP: Written Communication by EmotikonzEverybody is a Genius Stamp by mylastelPunctuation by FxyHard to be clear-Stamp by DinoclawsThe gladiator by SirvanaRachanaDon't know what to say by eranashineInvisible Stamp by GoofdaloopHentai Lover Stamp by EmeraldTokyopr0n is art stamp by DMR-ELK


.|Beautiful, gorgeous people who are just so so amazing and wonderful WATCH THEM ALLLLLLLL|.

~My Bishie-Chibi-Chan~


~The one seeking the Supr-KAWAII-as-fudge-DESU-demon-of-ultimate-wisdom~



~*~What I'm Obsessed With Right Now~*~
Stamp -Magi- Alibaba 04 by PJXD23Stamp -Magi- Alibaba 03 by PJXD23Stamp: Alibaba by Kumanari
I need to get back into the habit of writing regularly so~:icondoctordanceplz:

The way this'll work is you pick a scenario and a magical [not-real?] creature~
{Example: Unicorn hunting young maidens for their youth.} But not that one....
cause an adorable babe has that booked~:icondafuqplz:

I prefer horror but I'll take a crack at almost anything~:iconsatoshipeaceplz:

Depending on how many people ask, it'll be unlimited or not~

Peeps who asked for thangs~

:iconblitzhorse: Complete~ .|Forlorn|.Light flashes off crimson
As the sky above twists and churns
My once pristine feathers
Have fallen away
Six pair of eyes glare into darkness
Maws slick with blood
The carcasses of many lie scattered
Broken, eaten, thrown away
My body twists and I recognize agony
But I no longer feel it
I am nothing but a small existence now
A hollow soul trapped in a raging beast
I remember a sunrise
Bathed in grey clouds
As the heavens split open
And I was engulfed in burning light

:icontinyakamastad2: Rough Draft~

:iconsaby-cat: Rough Draft~

:iconshadowmistress21: Complete~  .|Midnight Meal|.Torn stockings hug her legs
Red lipstick and plush lips
Crowned with a sultry smile
The perfect lure~
Boys and girls alike fall
To a wicked forked tongue
Trapped in a sinful game
Of tempt and sate
Long tresses frame her like a halo
As taloned hands grip my hips
Ragged breaths in the silence
How deceitfully pure
The click of heels is heard
As far away church bells are rung
The sound of sirens soon fills the air
‘Too bad, I already ate~’

:iconserlink12: Dropped [regrettably]~

:iconjagoman169: Dropped [regrettably]~

Complete~ .|Merciful|.Blood soaked leaves dance in the breeze
As a once playful fox lies cold
And rotting
Once innocent eyes gather tears
Blazing turrets down her face
Are watery diamonds
Sobs escape her scratched throat
Small feet inch forward
And blackness ensues
You cry and try to run away
But it’s no use, I won’t stop
Till you’re nothing but blood and bones
Delicate, but brittle bones
Crunch and break easily in my grasp
As my claws cut jagged ribbons
No one enters
A forest of white trees and red leaves
A kitsunes graveyard

:icondottypurrs: Complete~  .|Water Dragon|.Light twinkles above me
Refracted off ruby eyes
In my watery abode
I am…lonely
Plush grass greets my claws
It is strange here
Nothing like my home
Perhaps I can find it here
It was coincidence that it saw me
This small, weak, squishy creature
It couldn’t possibly sense me
Definitely a coincidence
It came back….again
Constantly, constantly bothering me
I thought returning to my lake would help
It didn't
Why won’t it leave me be!?
No matter where I go
It’s there
Looking at me with its big, glossy eyes
It got bigger
It’s less squishy and more solid now
I don’t think it remembers me
Small, idiot creature
‘How curious~’ she thought
As she explored
A new but familiar place
Buried deep in the woods
‘I’m sure I've been here before~’
Sneaker clad feet propelled her forward
Deeper, deeper still,

  • Listening to: Get Scared
  • Reading: My own poems...over and over and over again....OTL
  • Drinking: Juice

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